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Commitment And Consistency Are The Main Ingredients!!

There are no and, ifs or buts – without being commited and consistent in what you want to achieve, you won’t get there. This is true in reaching your physical goals, as well as anything else in life. If those are lacking, you also won’t be taken seriously by others, […]

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The “Frankenfish” Salmon Is here Soon….

Yep, it’s been done – a genetically modified salmon. It’s supposed to be on the market in a bout 2 years and it’s FDA approved, along with not having to be labeled as a GMO. This fish is of course fed growth hormones, which makes it grow twice as fast […]

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Sugar Is A Drug – Tips For Detox!

I’m gonna be bold and say that sugar is a drug. It’s as addictive as any other drug that people get hooked on. There was actually a study showing a scan, brain activity on sugar and compared to one on cocaine – and it was pretty much the same. I’m […]

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Quick Tips To Shed Some Lbs For The Summer…..

As always, I’m not here to recommend losing some weight and get healthier just for the summer, but let’s face it – that’s when people, in general, go at it a little more. Of course it’s bathing suit season and everybody wants to look their best, although when it comes […]

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Eat According To Your Blood Type!

If you haven’t quite figured out how to eat in a way that works the best for you, you might try something totally different. We are all different in our make-ups and, and something that works for one person might not work for you. Now, I’m not suggesting that some […]

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Happy Joyful Healthy Thanksgiving!!

Be good to you, enjoy the holiday, but don’t overdo the eating – health takes no breaks!!  You’ll thank yourself as well as many more things I know you have to be thankful for!!  Love & Light

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Mulberry Superfruit Love!!

Another excellent superfruit is the Mulberry! I’m saying another because I’ve had somewhat of an addiction to the Goji berry. I wanted to find something else that is great tasting and also packed with all the nutrient rich properties. The reason for that is that the Goji berry is a […]

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Fitness By Osa At A Health Fair Sat. Oct 25th!

Hi everyone! I’m going to be at a health fair at the Vitamin Shoppe in Marina del Rey this coming Saturday, October 25th, between 11 am – 2 pm. Come in if you’re in the area, or close by, to get workout/nutrition tips, talk fitness lifestyle, and you can meet […]

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The Goji Berry Powerhouse!

This little red/orange berry, also called wolfberry, is insanely packed with nutrition and I’m addicted to it! It’s a good addiction to have and I want to share the awesomeness of it (yes I said it)! It’s the most nutrient dense fruit in the world – at least that’s discovered! […]

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Super Yummy And Delicious Healthy Protein Shake!!

Well that was a mouth full to describe it! I’ve never been much for protein shakes, as I like to get nutrients from whole foods as much as possible, plus they usually don’t taste very good and many of them have additives and other junk in them that I don’t […]

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