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Fitness and health are simply parts of Osa’s life – it’s a lifestyle. She’s originally from Sweden and has been an athlete from an early age: anything from swimming to track and field, from soccer to skiing, from floor hockey to the girls’ version of ice-hockey. In the past several years her love turned to competitive doubles beach volleyball. Osa developed a habit of an even more dedicated fitness lifestyle when she came to the US, and has since spent over 15 years helping others achieve their fitness goals in Los Angeles. Fitness By Osa, FBO, was created because of her love for helping and inspiring others to get healthier and more fit, inside – out. Osa expresses that;

“My greatest reward is seeing those I work with bloom into an overall state of well-being and seeing them realize their full potential.”   

Osa is very knowledgeable in nutrition and looks at it from a holistic aspect. She took nutrion classes in college and the research and work continues always. Many have benefitted from her approach to fitness, by gaining more confidence that spills over to other areas in life. She feels it’s  been, and is, fantastic to be able to provide one on one in home training to really focus in on the individual. She’s genuinely caring, so you’ll be in great hands when training with her! Osa is also a writer and her book “The Booty Chronicles”, with True North House Publishing, released in March 2016. She also has a published article in a health and wellness magazine, VividLife.me. Here’s the article: http://vividlife.me/ultimate/34063/the-power-of-focus/

Osa’s continued desire for, and dedication to, her own fitness lifestyle led her into the modeling world as well, where she’s still active at the age of 42.Those jobs, she makes sure don’t interfere with the training of her clients. She has been recognized for having a very fit and muscular physique, while still maintaining lots of feminine curves. She’s come to have a trademark too, and that’s her butt, which has been getting quite a bit of attention (hence the book title) 😉 Though she loves to train all kinds of clients, she’s got a special place in her heart to motivate, inspire and help women realize their full power and potential. To help them feeling fit, fabulous and empowered, no matter what age. She’s excited to start a movement, empowering young girls, which has been in her heart for many years!


“I worked with Osa for three months while visiting Los Angeles and she transformed my body. We had no gym and worked only with the equipment she brought to the house in a gym bag. Osa is extremely knowledgable and careful in her workouts. There was no chance of injury which was important to me. She was always on time, cheerful and inspirational. The hour together always passed quickly. I strongly recommend her as a trainer and coach.”
Jane Buffett (Mrs Jimmy Buffett), Beverly Hills, from New York

“You truly are a huge role model to me and everybody else that you work with and help keep motivated. I love the determination and the relentless spirit you have:
Osa is a strong powerful woman who can light up a room with her compassionate and charismatic radiant energy. She has the natural ability of giving you the spark you need to attain your goals. She is a positive force who will give you the proper knowledge and wisdom to help keep your body strong, healthy and fit. Osa rocks!”  – Michael H., Temecula

“I had bulimia for several years, and training with Osa helped me get better. It was like getting life coaching at the same time. She was great at listening, asking questions that refers to why I had this disorder and I felt very comfortable with her. She had great healthy suggestions and helped me with my body image. Thanks Osa, you helped so much!”  – Sam B., Beverly Hills

“Osa has been working with me and my husband twice a week for 4 months now. Do not be fooled by her charm and beauty, she is a true professional on the job and through her individually set programs, will assist you to obtain your desired results. She is tough and at the same time very caring and considerate of each individual’s needs and potential. Thank you Osa.” – Fati and Erick Amini, Westwood

“OSA is Wonderful! I have MS, and she is innovative in her stretching and breathing exercises. My PT loves her and has recommended her to other clients. I feel much stronger since I have been working with OSA – A FANTASTIC TRAINER AND COACH!”
– Dena Lerner, Playa del Rey

Ok Ladies….and gents too of course. If you are looking for a great trainer who can target all areas of your body to help you build muscle and burn fat then look no further than Osa Sjoberg. Her fitness regime for getting you tight and toned all over will amaze you. One problem area I had was my lower body. Within 4 weeks I noticed a big difference in the shape and lift of my butt…no more flat white girl butt for me!! I am stronger and feel more confident. Osa pushes you with just the right amount of enthusiasm and motivation and at the same time not letting you slack off!! Bikini season is here so don’t wait any longer…trust me you will love her workouts. Obvisously she knows her stuff….have you seen her body??!!!! 
Love ya Fitness By Osa!” – Fiona Angus, Santa Monica

“Amazing!!!! I’m pretty lean and wanted to tone up. I also had problems with my back and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle many workouts. But Osa’s #1 rule is form! I haven’t had a problem at all since I started, considering her kick ass workouts!! Who knew you could tone up so quickly by using your own body weight?! She’s so encouraging and always makes you feel comfortable. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, or gain… She’s the girl!!” – Crystal Lopez, Los Angeles

“Osa is great. She knows a ton about nutrition and the toxins in today’s high processed American diet. We worked out at a park, and she always brought the necessary equipment (TRX, Bosu, resistant bands, free weights, etc..). Consistently punctual and ready to deliver a full-body blast!”
-Fawn Medonia, Los Angeles

I am very happy with my training sessions! I have only been working with Osa for a few weeks and I can already see results and changes in my body. I am very excited to keep working with her to get my body where I want it to be. I feel better, I look better and I have more confidence. She is helping me get my body ready for summer of 2014! Loving every minute of it!!!” – Diana Castellon, Los Angeles

I’ve had other trainers but Osa is the only one who’s kept me motivated.  Training with her got me results beyond what I thought I could get!  She also helped me to focus, in a way that has helped me greatly in other areas as well – even stop smoking!  Osa truly cares about you and your results, she’s awesome!!” – Craig Williams, Santa Monica

“I loved working out with Osa.  She is an amazing trainer – she personalizes the workout just for you.  She worked with me while I was working on a huge project which took several months and many long hours to complete.  With Osa’s workouts I was able to have the strength and energy to manage my stress level and complete my project timely.  She is the BEST!” – Emma Viola-MCLeod, Beverly Hills

“I have gotten nutritional advice from Osa and she’s so knowledgable and just a terrific person.  I lost 30 lbs in about 2 months, and I have Type 1 diabetes, by using her suggestions and guidance.” – Al R., Santa Monica

“Osa taught me how to do the exercises right and most effectively – AND it was fun!  She’s great to work with and she gave me the wings to go and work out on my own, which is what I needed and wanted.” – Rebecka Ponton, Los Angeles



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