I have something to share that I’m excited about! Something that’s been close to my heart for a long time, and I’ve known that I’m here to do this. I have thought that it was going to come later, when at least certain things are in place – but it is never the perfect time. I shared in a short video that though I have pretty much a full vision of this, I have no idea where it’s going to go right now – as it certainly is NOT an ideal time. But you just have to take the first step on that staircase without seeing the rest and trust it. When it’s speaking to you – you gotta go! This has to do with fitness, but in an all encompassing way. I look at fitness as body, mind and soul. From the physical body, what we put in it, what we do with it, our thoughts, our words and how we treat ourselves and others – what we give out to the world. I have worked with clients of all ages and both genders and I’m honored and happy to have been a part of helping them achieve their fitness goals. When I have been able to help, make a difference from the inside-out, is when it touches my heart the most. When a girl or a woman has gotten more confident, from the work we do, or when I’ve been able to have a positive impact on a healthy body image and lifestyle – with a girl who suffered from anorexia and bulimia.

Through this, having been in the actual fitness business for many years for myself and training clients, including having been an athlete from the time I was a little girl – along with all the experiences I’ve had in life – I’m bringing you GIRL POWER! It’s a movement, intended to help, inspire, guide and empower young girls, as well as women in general. I’m not here to be a feminist per se. I have a drive and passion for being a part of helping human kind move into a higher consciousness – and there’s so much I want to do and contribute with! Empowering girls and women to support, strenghten and raise each other up as we have moved into the Aquarian Age, with much more feminine energy coming through is fitting and important – and this is where I know I can have an impact. Just to briefly explain where we have come from: The Piscean Age, which was male dominated and with the “power over” mentality. Now, with the Aquarian Age, we have much more feminine energy coming through and a “power within” mentality that’s still fighting to work its way through. Think about it, the last few decades where women have come from – and what’s happening now in society, politics and more.

Though women are at the forefront more than ever, in this fast paced world, there can also be more confusion about where to go, along with growing up in this crazy space of social media and fast advancing ways we’re are communicating and connecting. It can be easy to lose or forget about ones real truth and values in all of this, and this is what GIRL POWER is all about. To guide, strenghten, honor and lift up that which we truly are, to support the powerful female beings that we are – by BEing the change. Just to give one example out of this “smorgasbord” of topics: many girls grow up confused about what she “should” do to be accepted and recognized both in the coming professional life and personally, like being accepted by boys. That she has to send naked pictures to boys or compromise herself to get in the door and get a ahead professionally (which has been around much longer than more recent of course). I’m here to promote the opposite, the real values – and that it’s absolutely ok and pivotal to be a multi-dimensonal human being and staying in your truth – to be in this life on planet earth and for us as a whole to move upward in consciousness. And that despite there being a seeming competition between girls and even women in their 30s, 40s and 50s – cattiness, jealousy and tearing other females down out of fear, and in attempts to raise oneself up – to really BE the change and instead embracing each others’ strengths and uniqueness.

Despite many times being stereotyped and judged for being this or that, just based on one or two attributes, when there’s so much more – it’s so important to dare to be different, to be YOU, and not allow for others to tell you who you are. To stand alone if needed and not follow the crowd just because it’s easier. Like I mentioned earlier, I felt that I needed to have more things in place before really putting this movement, project and misson out there – but it is time. It is time because I have been through quite a few experiences referring to the above, and I know many women who have one way or another. You might ask, how are you doing this with a book out highligting your booty (The Booty Chronicles) and having a lot of sexy scantiliy clad pictures out there? My short answer to that is: because of all my expereinces growing up as a small town country girl in Sweden, to coming to the big city of Los Angeles, being a part of the modeling, entertainment and fitness world, and also as important – what I have NOT done. There have been countless “offers” and “opportunities” for me to make amazing amounts of money and to get in the very hard doors to open, in this world, and just to live in a challenging L.A. – if I had compromised my values, beliefs and ulimately my integrity. I will later get into more details about what, and some of them are in the book, which is so much more than about the life of my butt 😉 But my story lies in not having sacrified my integrity, no matter how hard it’s been over the years, to listen to my heart, staying in my truth – and doing my very best to BE the change I wish to see. I have said no to more than I have said yes to in the modeling and entertainements industries, for this reason. I have also been asked to compete in body building and fitness competitions – but that’s not why I do what I do physically, but for the love of being athletic, and thriving on an active lifestyle and challenging myself. I give props to those women who do get into the competitions – as it’s extremely hard work and a great dedication, and I’m honored to have been asked – just not for me. I also could’ve ended up with an eating disorder or some crazy diet, being in the modeling and entertainment industries, along with having been a “perfectionist” my whole life – but I have always had a healthy mindset there, and promote #FitFeminineCurves 😉 And as we are always here to work through things, the perfectionism I’m turning into “striving for excellence”.

I’m here to help girls, young women, women of all ages, moms, sisters AND boys and men, realize and honor, that it’s absolutely ok, important and possible to be this multi-deminsional human being in a female body. To embrace your uniqueness, your intelligence, your nurturing and powerful self, your deep thinker, your sensitive little girl inside, your kick-ass competitive athletic self, your sexiness, your goofy, your creative glorious being, the fun, adventurous, beautiful, loving, warm, passionate, perhaps fiery, caring and valuble woman that you are here to be – all at once! We all have different gifts, strengths and values – and they should all be celebrated. For those of you who might not know, I have also started a book about what it can be like to be an empath, and the underlying themes are love and oneness, as well: “Diary Of An Empathic Alien”. It picks up where “The Booty Chronicles” leaves off – see what i did there? 😉 So I’m looking forward to connecting and working with amazing women who are here to support the same cause, this mission – and I’m so grateful to already have many of those women in my life already! And again, not forgetting you awesome guys who see the value in this! With love, light, passion and care – who’s with me?! Let’s together connect on how, where and what etc. So many ideas and things to do! GIRL POWER!


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