Thyroidism, Weight Management And Healing With Nutrition

I’m writing about this as more people are suffering from thyroidism now than ever before, and it’s often overlooked as the root to many health challenges. The reason for this condition has a great deal to do with increasing and added hormones, pesiticides, chemicals and additives in foods, skin and – cleaning products, along with pollution and stress. The thyroid is the gland in your neck that regulates metabolism and energy, through a connection to all cells in your body. The most common type of this condition is hypothyroidism, an underactive thyriod. When someone is struggling to lose weight, or can’t at all, even though they are exercising and eating healthy, one of the first things that should be checked is the thyroid.

To go even further, most of the time a thyroid problem stems from an autoimmune condition that’s making the body attacking its own thyroid – it’s called Hashimoto disease. There’s a list of symptoms for thyrodism, and some common ones are the above mentioned weight challenges, also fatigue, dry skin, fluid retention and depression. I’ve attached articles below, with further information about more symptoms and other related topics. Also a story about someone, who after years of suffering a lot of these symptoms, was finally diagnosed and the success story to follow. My focus here, is on correcting thyroid conditions with nutrition, and to possibly avoid taking drugs altogether!

Of course a doctor should be consulted, but it IS possible to heal the body with the right foods. The body is an amazing mechanism and the ability to heal itself is limitless when given the right fuel and tools! The first thing to do is to eliminate processed foods, simple sugar and gluten. Let’s face it – those aren’t good for anybody, but especially when the body needs to heal from various health issues and conditions, they are big no no’s. ¬†Avoid those as much as possible in the prevention of any dis-ease to enter your body, is my suggestion too. For the purpose of reversing hypothyrodism, eat foods that contain natural iodine (as there’s a lack of that with this condition usually), meaning seafood and sea veggies, foods rich in zink and healthy fats. Consume protein with every meal and reduce stress as much as possible, along with anything that causes inflammation in the body. The last mentioned is usually an underlying cause for most diseases and that happens, in large part due to the “wrong” types of foods consumed over time.

The key is to eat whole foods and here are some things to eat and not to eat. In the event there’s the overactive thyroid, you reverse it. Eat: hormone and antibiotic-free meats, eggs and fish, legumes, quinoa, avocados, flax seeds, asparagus, grape fruit and garlic. Avoid or minimize: soy, radish, brussel sprouts, broccoli, caffeine, peanuts and peaches. These are just some of the items on the lists, but also some of the do not eat, can actually be cooked and it’s more safe. This is because of what gets released in certain foods when cooked versus raw. If medication has to be taken there are foods that can inhibit absorbtion of the medication, so please check and do your research in that event too. If possible, enjoy healing your body through nutrition as opposed to medication! Here are some articles that explain things in detail and more items on what to eat and what not to.


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