Monthly Archives: June 2012

In stressful times…..

We’re going through challanging unrestful times, have been for a while, and sometimes it might even get worse before the the better manifest.  We need to remember that we’re all here together and need to make it work just in that way.  What can we do individually though, in stressful […]

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Focus on the goal!

In order to change something you’re not happy with or isn’t healthy, you must first change your inner beliefs and you must want it enough to affect that change.  It’s not always easy, but keep your focus on the goal instead of that particular moment when it feels hard and […]

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Fast can be healthy!

In a place where fast is at the forefront; fast paced work, fast relationships, fast communications and fast food has taken over many peoples fuel intake – we do need to slow down a bit and think about what’s really important at the end of the day.  Yes there’s not […]

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Aspartame – the killer inside…..

Before you open up another can of soda, yogurt, chew gum, think that “sugar free” is good for you or even give your children medicine, vitamins – think again!  Apspartame, an artificial sweetener, is one of the worst things can you put in your body, it’s a poision, a killer […]

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Get your abs tight while having fun and blowing off steam too ;)

Come train with me at The Mikita School of Martial Art in Marina del Rey, on the TRX, with free weights and lots more!  You can always finish by blowing off some more steam and having fun using Mark’s training fighting weapons…..maybe even challange me with a duel, just like […]

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Need I say more?!

I’m lowering my prices for the summer for private sessions to help more people, get them going and as times are still tough, so just contact me and we’ll work something out so it benefits everybody involved

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“Eat to starve cancer”…..

I have already talked about the importance of what you put in your body – beyond the visible physical reasons.  Here’s a very interesting video of research and proof how amazing the body is to heal itself given the right fuel.  I would add to it a little bit and […]

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